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Where can I buy JD Drinking Water?

      JD Beverage supply a number of wholesale, retail shops and schools in the Nongkhai and Udon Thani area.  We are also the preferred source of both bottled and cooking water delivering to many restaurants, resorts and family homes.  You can always simply stop by the factory for “cash and carry”.  We love to show off our clean and organized factory as well as the process.  Google Maps Location

Can JD Beverage put my restaurant name and logo on the bottle?

     Yes, this is becoming a popular way of advertising and personalizing a company, resort, restaurant, hotel, hospital, auto dealer name or even for a events.  Our customers see the opportunity of sending the message of excellence with the best quality drinking water.  Please contact our sales staff for a quotation and timeline.

What separates JD Drinking water from the many many small water factories in Isaan?

      Quality.  Have you ever seen or smelled some of the lesser quality water factories delivered in the dirty white jugs?  We are proud of the level of quality we have applied to our system and process.  From our multi stage filtration system and UV-C treatment to our quality assurance steps, maintenance system and employment practices, we are confident you will not find a cleaner, better tasting drinking water in the area.  Please stop by for a tour and a taste!

      Dedication and reliability.  In 2016, the Nongkhai Health Department awarded JD Beverage the highest score to date during the initial audit.  There were ~140 water and ice facilities in the area that year and to exceed the government guidelines putting JD Beverage in the top tier was only the beginning.  Year on year we continue to overwhelmingly exceed expectations with every audit.  We are proud of these findings and think you will see the same when you stop in.  By the way:  Which water do you think is served at Nongkhai Health Department meetings?  Of course it is JD Drinking Water, they too are our customer!

I see a lot of advertising lately on television and the internet from major national beer brands about their water.  What should I believe?

       Beer companies are not allowed to advertise their products in a conspicuous way on  television, billboards or posters.  They ARE however, allowed to advertise water even with the same name, color and logo.  

      At JD Beverage we produce our water to be consumed enjoyed as our core business, not a by-product.  We are committed to our local community because we live here and employ people from here.  Our goal is to become the independent water producer and employer of choice in the area.  We are committed...


      Do a blind taste test with a few samples from the national and beer brands, local brands and prove it to yourself.  We are confident you will enjoy our products!

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