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    JD Beverage is a proud member of the Water Quality Association based in the USA.  Their resources and knowledge base are an asset to many premier companies in the bottled water manufacturing and component industries including JD Beverage Co. Ltd.


Our Approach

At JD Beverage we take a holistic view of success:

  • PRODUCT QUALITY – Our water purification system is of the highest caliber and we maintain it to a standard above the manufacture’s own specification.  Just taste the difference!

  • EMPLOYEE well being – We strive to create a healthy and happy workplace and see employee safety as a big part of our responsibility

  • COMMUNITY – JD Beverage has made it our goal to ensure our local residents and temples have a higher quality, safe and clean alternatives to numerous other cheaper but low quality products

  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – With a service-driven mindset and quality products made available in a timely manner, we cheerfully fulfil the needs of our customers

Our Story

      From Pookie’s dream while still in university we have carefully and purposefully brought together the highest quality equipment, processes and people. As a student she dreamed of a business that could be located close to her family home and fill the needs of the community.  After a very successful career in the oil and gas sector as a geologist and later business development with Halliburton, Pookie decided to bring her skill set to her home town of Nongkhai.  She had hoped to involve the family and make it a group effort to be proud of. She has accomplished this goal and continuing to forge ahead.

Our Team

    In mid 2016, the team was carefully selected from a vast numbers of prospects with a variety of backgrounds.  We consider these long term employees to be our biggest asset which is why we have them registered with the government social security system and take steps to ensure safety, ergonomics and efficient processes are a part of our culture to reduce potential workplace injuries. We feel since so much of our lives are spent at work we should make our workplace clean, free of clutter and organized in a way our team can happily work all day without fatigue.

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