Water is life… Think about it.  Why not consume good tasting water of the highest quality instead of water from unreliable sources or the water produced to sell you beer?

Premium clear bottles

      Our premium PET plastic bottles sit side by side with the major international brands in many of our sales partner displays. The range of sizes fit all of our customers needs:

      Our latest 250 ml (8.3 US oz.) bottle is designed for waiting rooms and a perfect companion for any donation.  The black silk screen label and black cap are utilized to keep a somber tone for times when subtle understatement is desired.  The blue version is often a refreshment found at ordination ceremonies.  We provide these in packs of fifteen to keep the pricing close to the 350 and 600 ml twelve packs.  This product was first brought in the area by JD Beverage in November 2016, the clean classic look has rapidly become a customer favorite.  Since imitation is one of the finest forms of flattery, other brands have also adopted this size so we are proud.

      The 350 ml (12 US oz) for that quick quench is our best seller as customers like these for giving to friends and visitors. These come in standard shrink wrapped packs of twelve and are available with traditional labels or a black silk screen version.

      The 600 ml ( 20 US oz) size is great when exercising, working outside or to take with you in the car.  Many restaurants offer this size of our water for purchase individually at the dinner table.  Like the 350’s these too are sold in 12 packs and available in traditional labels as well as black or blue silk screened offerings. 

      Our 1.5 liter table size water is perfect for sharing a meal at the dinner table.  Let's face it, you can get this size of water free when you fill your fuel tank at some petrol stations.   JD Drinking water is produced and sold explicitly to enjoy and satisfy your thirst, not promote beer products.  Go ahead, compare the taste yourself... then dump the other brand in the window cleaning bucket like I do  ;-)


Economic – "bagged six-pack" bottles

      Without compromising the quality of our water, at JD Beverage we understand the needs of our customers. Our bagged 750 ml (a little more than 25 US oz) PET clear plastic screw-top bottle has become a big seller because of its competitive price point without compromising quality along with an eye pleasing "table appearance" over the horrible and messy, pop top, "foggy white" bottles we see around Isaan. 

      At JD Beverage we always use the same quality water and filtration in all of our products.  The only difference is in the bottle size and packaging.

Refillable bottles

      JD Beverage have a range of refillable bottle options.  We carry the industry standard 18.9 liter (5 US gallon) bottle but use only first quality (grade A) PET bottles.

      The smaller 7.6 liter (2 US Gallon) has a built in handle and provides lighter more convenient handling especially when mounting on water cooler pedestals or pouring into cooking pots.

      The 920 ml (just under 1 US quart) and 500 ml (just over 1 US pint) are sold in lots of 20 and 12 respectively and come with a plastic crate.       (NOTE:  Refillable products require a deposit)

Clean – Satisfying  – Refreshing
      When designing and building the JD beverage factory we spared no expense on the filtration components, process and facility quality.  Our focus on cleanliness and quality over quantity puts our products side by side with major national and international brands in many of our wholesale and retail partner displays.

      We are proud of our water quality and the taste.  We are striving to have products in a price range to fit all of our customer’s needs.  All of our products are filled with the same high quality water produced and filtered in our Nongkhai facility

       Please do compare us to your current brand of drinking water.  We are confident our products will exceed your expectations.  Come by or pick up some JD Drinking Water in your local shop and taste the difference.

NOTE:  In March 2018, JD Beverage was one of the first bottled water facilities to embrace Thailand’s Pollution Control Department (PCD) guidelines in plastic waste reduction.  The secondary seals are unnecessary for all but the refillable type of bottles.    Please see related news via this link.


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